Models of Achievement

A ten part documentary series exploring the success and aspirations of 20 people and their professional journeys through their University study experience.

Bridges to Higher Education

In 2011 the Commonwealth Government awarded Bridges to Higher Education $21.2 million in funding to December 2014 through the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).

Bridges to Higher Education (Bridges) is a partnership of five Sydney universities working with schools and communities to improve the participation of students from disadvantaged communities in higher education.

Bridges aims to equip students, their families, school staff and community groups with tools and information so school leavers and others can make informed decisions about their future.

Bridges aims to engage students through learning opportunities and other activities that support academic outcomes and excite them about the possibilities of higher education.

The collaboration brings together the collective resources and significant experience of:

Bridges to Higher Education Partners

Bridges to Higher Education works closely with over 30 established organisations and service providers and more than 100 primary and high schools.

Production Credits

Television Sydney – TVS Digital 44

  • Executive Producer: Rachel Bentley
  • Producers: Scott Richardson and Tim Vincent
  • Camera DOP: Scott Richardson and Glen Richardson
  • Camera: Jeff Lawson
  • Audio Post: Jacob Staley
  • Editor: Nick Foley-Jones
  • Production and Web Designer: Serryn Fowler
  • Web Developer: Lauren Oaklands
  • Publicist: Krystyna Pollard
  • Host: Annette Shun Wah
  • Original concept: Rachel Bentley and Scott Richardson

Thank you to our interviewees and their families for generously collaborating on this project.

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